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The Trail is a student-run monthly newsletter, created in 2008 to provide the Rutgers community with current environmental news, faculty highlights, and eco-friendly ideas. Our mission is to create an opportunity through which young people can hone their written voice by developing a better understanding of outstanding or historical environmental issues and topics through research and experience Through the course of this endeavor it is our hope to foster our staff's growth as writers, and also as environmentalists, with that enthusiasm also being translated to our readers.


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Current Trail Staff, Fall 2017

James Duffy
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Taylor Dodge
James Duffy 
Micah Gartenberg
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Olivia Le Warn 
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Mackenzie Pitt
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The Trail: Volume 10 - Issue 3

From the Editors....

We did it, everyone! Congratulations on yet another semester done, with all of the studying, grading, writing, and bustling that this time of year so often entails.

Just like the students who are preparing to leave campus for a restful winter break, The Trail, too, will be taking a winter recess. But never fear—our staff will be back in February with our next issue, for what will mark the second semester of our 10th year in operation! As always, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Department of Human Ecology’s Dr. Clark and Kristen Goodrich for their support of The Trail this semester. We hope all of our readership has a relaxing break with plenty of downtime to peruse our latest holiday edition!

Happy Trails,
James & Mackenzie

Pages 2-3 Could Less Deforestation Save the Fish?
Pages 4-5 Slimy, Yet Satisfying
Pages 6-8 Student Spotlight
Pages 9-10 Fight or Flight? For Narwhals More Like Freeze and Flee
Pages 11-12 Changing How We Portray and Discuss Climate Change
Pages 13-14 Drones May Be Key To Ferret Conservation
Pages 15-16 Light Pollution
Pages 17-18 Sounds of The Deep
Pages 19-20 Surrey University’s Climate Change Solution
Pages 21-22 Battle of the Bottles
Pages 23-25 Shifting Shorelines

Our Current EPIB Trail -- Dec 2017