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The Trail is a student-run monthly newsletter, created in 2008 to provide the Rutgers community with current environmental news, faculty highlights, and eco-friendly ideas. Our mission is to create an opportunity through which young people can hone their written voice by developing a better understanding of outstanding or historical environmental issues and topics through research and experience Through the course of this endeavor it is our hope to foster our staff's growth as writers, and also as environmentalists, with that enthusiasm also being translated to our readers.

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Current Trail Staff, Spring 2017

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Taylor Dodge
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April Rastaetter

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The Trail: Volume 9 - Issue 2

From your editors…

Dear Readers,
Whether this finds you preparing for one last exam before our spring break, or already happily on a plane to warmer climes, we invite you to take a moment to look through this latest edition of The Trail. We have an exceptional spring staff with us here at the Human Ecology Department’s monthly newsletter—one whose diverse backgrounds bring you accounts of mysterious whale clans, the future of artificial intelligence here at Rutgers, and much more. Enjoy, and here’s wishing everyone a restorative time off!

Happy Trails, James, Maia, Sarah, and Ian

In This Issue:

Finding The Speed of Evolution (2-3)

Jedi of the Deep (4-5)

Rutgers Will Not Have a 300th Anniversary (6-7)

The Evolution of Disease (8-9)

Capstone Project (10-11)

Privately-Funded Space Race (12-13)

Are You Getting Your Vitamin Sea? (14-15)

Intentional Pioneers (16-17)

LED Light Bulbs: What You Should Know(18)

Unprotecting the Protected (19-20)

Algae & The Cow Methane Problem (21)

Mercury Levels Dropping in Tuna (22-23)

Where’s Your Water From? (24-25)

Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Record (26)

Enviro. Impacts of a US-Mexico Border Wall (27-28)

The Trump Administration’s Temporary Freeze on EPA Grants
and Contracts Prompts Concern in the American Public (29-30)

What’s The Dam Problem? (31-32)

Standing Rock Has Not Given Up and Neither Have We (33-34)

Trail Mix(35)

Our Current EPIB Trail -- Mar 2017