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Expert: NJ towns should start revamping water infrastructure for the future

[Aug 29, 2018]
Daniel Van Abs says that many towns across the state have water pipes that are a century old and just waiting to break.

More syringes are washing up on Jersey beaches. It's a problem that starts miles away.

[Aug 7, 2018]
Dr. Daniel Van Abs is quoted in a recent article on about the issue of sewage overflow on the Jersey Shore.

Americans waste nearly half their food. How can we reduce food waste in New Jersey?

[Jul 25, 2018]
Dr. Jill Lipoti was interviewed for the Bergen Records series on food waste.

Ira Wagner's 'Houseraising': Uplift, denial, and Hurricane Sandy

[Jul 22, 2018]
The preface, "All That I Know," is by Rutgers sociology professor Rachael Shwom, who ponders the mindset of those who live in an environmentally threatened place.

How Privatizing Water Systems Costs Taxpayers -- & Endangers Them (

[Feb 7, 2018]
Daniel Van Abs, Rutgers associate professor of practice for water, society & environment, says it's almost impossible to tell whether higher costs are a result of better service or higher profit margins due to private companies overbuilding infrastructure that isn't needed.

Conservation could curb future N.J. water demands

[Feb 5, 2018]
New Jersey's water needs could actually go down, despite population growth, with more investment in conservation, according to a Rutgers University study... Rutgers professor Dan Van Abs, who wrote the report, said he examined how modest improvements would play out in various scenarios.

Opinion: NJ's Water Needs Could Decrease, Despite 10.4M Residents by 2040

[Feb 1, 2018]
Dr. Van Abs featured in the NJ Spotlight: "Taking a broad array of variables into account, and working with the best-case scenario, the state's population could increase while demand for water could lessen."

Prof. Bill Hallman Appointed to National Advisory Committee Addressing Climate Change Communications

[Jan 9, 2018]
Congratulations Dr. Hallman on being appointed to the National Advisory Committee Addressing Climate Change Communications

Emily Hunziker (SEBS '17) participated in the University of Sao Paulo's International Science and Technology Symposium last week.

[Oct 31, 2017]

Victoria looks at improving emergency communications

[Oct 21, 2017]
Cara Cuite, a psychologist who studies emergency communications at Rutgers University was quoted in a recent article about emergency communications during Hurrican Harvey.

How Hurricane Sandy became steroids for Jersey Shore development

[Oct 18, 2017]
Dr. Karen O'Neill, a professor of human ecology at Rutgers New Brunswick, author of "Taking Chances: The Coast After Hurricane Sandy" discusses the changing landscape of the Jersey Shore..

Congratulations to Dr. Ethan Schoolman for winning The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Campus Sustainability Research Award.

[Oct 15, 2017]
Dr. Ethan Schoolman along with his colleagues Mike Shriberg, Sarah Schwimmer and Marie Tysman won the Campus Achievement Sustainability Award for their paper, “Green cities and ivory towers: how do higher education sustainability initiatives shape millennials’ consumption practices?”

Is the Food in Meal Kit Delivery Services Actually Safe to Eat?

[Oct 5, 2017]
Speaking on the final day of the 2017 Food Safety Summit in a session on 'Home Delivery,' professor of human ecology Bill Hallman presented results of a Rutgers-Tennessee State University study that looked into the integrity of home-delivered dinners.

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