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RU 250: A Taste of Culinary History, Byrne Seminar



Rutgers famously held its first classes at a tavern called The Sign of the Red Lion, located on the corner
of Albany and Neilson streets in downtown New Brunswick. As Rutgers celebrates the 250th anniversary
of its founding, this seminar will celebrate the food and related culture and customs that Rutgers
students have enjoyed during its long history. It will give students an opportunity
to taste and learn about a variety of foods, including dishes and ingredients that would have been
familiar to students at different periods of Rutgers history. Along the way, students will learn about the
transformation of the food system brought about by science and modernizing agriculture (and the role
that Rutgers has played in these), changing consumer tastes and expectations, economics, and
demographics. The semester will end with a celebratory meal, providing tastes of Rutgers culinary
history during the last two and a half centuries.




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