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Research Methods in Human Ecology



This course explores how social scientists empirically investigate and quantify behavior within the social world. By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:

Understand general principles of scientific investigation, as well as specific challenges facing social scientists.

Identify a range of social science research methodologies and what types of research questions each is best suited to address.

Be an informed consumer of research information. You should be able to critically read about research studies in the popular press, and have a basic understanding of research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and be able to explain in broad terms how the research was conducted.

Recognize ethical issues in human subjects research, and be familiar with the institutions in place to prevent unethical research.

Propose and conduct a small original research study, including research design, simple data analysis, and presentation.





Course Syllabus

Course Professors

    Spring 2019

  1. Schoolman, Ethan
  2. Fall 2018

  3. Cuite, Cara
  4. Spring 2018

  5. Schoolman, Ethan
  6. Fall 2017

  7. Cuite, Cara
  8. Fall 2016

  9. Cuite, Cara
  10. Fall 2015

  11. Cuite, Cara
  12. Spring 2015

  13. Cuite, Cara
  14. Fall 2014

  15. Cuite, Cara
  16. Spring 2014

  17. Cuite, Cara
  18. Spring 2013

  19. Kwate, Naa Oyo
  20. Fall 2012

  21. Rudel, Thomas
  22. Spring 2012

  23. Kwate, Naa Oyo
  24. Fall 2011

  25. Clark, George
  26. Spring 2010

  27. Rudel, Thomas
  28. Fall 2009

  29. Clark, George
  1. Rutgers
  2. New Brunswick
Department of Human Ecology